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100% South African Owned Casual Vest



Over the centuries the world of business has evolved from craftsmen to industrialists to franchisers until in recent times, the start-ups. A lot of people opt for starting their own businesses as opposed to the old fashioned career setups. However, in the mist of this evolution black majority have lacked the business means or were excluded from economic participation. Hence if one family member became a success even in tiny margins, they were expected naturally to fend for siblings and extended family members — a term we’ve come to know as “black tax.”


BLKT, a shortened version of Black Tax was started by a group of black entrepreneurs who believe in doing it for themselves and will wait for neither government nor sponsors to get their business going. Because black tax is essentially an obligation to family members in terms of food and shelter, provision of jobs and sometimes education, this has for many years staunched the development of black people and thus BLKT believe in turning this around by offering high quality vests to help the start-ups businesses. We believe people who start their own businesses have a better chance of succeeding in life in terms of alleviating poverty and creating job opportunities within their communities and breaking the chains of black tax.

Vest Features

The perfect Vest for you

165g cotton

Surf wear quality that surely feels soft on touch and and soft on the skin.

100% combed

Absolute international standards and effortless confort, for countless washes.

36 knits

Predominantly casual, comfortable to wear and always stretchy, easy to launder and each stitch individually counted

low neckline

Reasonably low ‘U’ cut neckline that is designed for a classic and modern look.

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